Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor

    1. Social Media Management Intro

    2. Personal Branding

    3. How Do You Implement Branding

    4. How Do You Live Out Your Brand

    5. What Is Your Marketing Plan

    6. How Do You Make It Come To Life

    7. Copywriting and Editing

    8. Having A Call To Action

    9. Building Your Brand Cross Platforms

    10. How To Come Up With Captions

    11. How To Use Different Captions For Various Platforms

    12. Scheduling Batch Content

    13. Canva 101

    14. Sharing and Collaborating on Canva

    15. How To Save And Organize Documents

    16. Instagram 101

    17. How To Leverage Your Content

    18. How To Get More Instagram Followers For Your Business

    19. Instagram Tips and Tricks

    20. How To Create A Post And Reel

    21. How To Create And Post A Story

    22. Stay On Trend

    23. Using Meta Business Suite To Post Content

    24. Business Page Or Personal Page

    25. When To Post

    26. Creating Content That Can Leverage Both

    27. How To Get More Followers For Your Business Page

    28. Posting Scheduling And Time Hacks

    29. TikTok 101

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

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